-about me-

i guess you'll need to know a few basic things about me. my name is Heart, but i chose the name deadkid as it's a reflection of what i am, as good as dead. i'm a fourteen year old who time to time acts older or younger than their real age, which usually is because of the sudden highs and lows of energy my adhd causes me. my gender doesn't matter, it's just a social construct anyways. i'm a crybaby, i cry over the smallest most irrelevant things and i get attached to inanimate objects. i created this website to be a safe place for me to speak my opinions and what truly goes inside my mind without the judgement of others. sometimes i think things i wouldn't dare to actually do, sometimes i think things i will eventually do, you can choose what separates those sides and what of my thoughts belong where, i don't give a shit. i have a wild and honestly speaking bloody imagination that i can't stop thinking about certain things that have bad effects on me, so sometimes i end up having mental breakdowns while writing in here. but hey, who cares, you're here for that shit, aren't you?